How to explain what you do for a living when you’re a content creator

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In a way that your grandparents will understand

Creative and digital jobs can be difficult to explain to your peers in the industry sometimes, let alone your friends and family who don’t work in adjacent fields whatsoever. A lot of people think working in social media is a complete doss where you just get paid to look at memes all day, and that being a content creator only involves uploading selfies and nothing more. So how do you actually explain what you do for a living without resorting to an endless monologue? Your basic formula is to find something they’ll understand, add in elements of the digital landscape, and incorporate some takeaway info that they’ll easily recall.

If you primarily make lifestyle, fashion and beauty content…

“I run a sort of online magazine, but it includes video as well as articles and images. Instead of having really long articles, it’s shorter stories, and people can write back and tell me their thoughts, too. I make videos and take photos where I give style tips and beauty tutorials or share restaurants and places I like to visit. I’m the Editor In Chief, and the photographer, and the model, too!”

If you primarily make food content…

“I’m a like a TV chef but on the internet – and people often don’t even see my face, just my food. I share my own recipes and try out other people’s by making shows that I then put on YouTube and Instagram. I’m the star of the show, and the recipe developer, and sometimes the cameraman, too! I also get to be a restaurant reviewer and try out places to eat and drink. What’s great is people can request recipes and tell me exactly what they’re stuck with so I can help.”

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If you primarily make tech content…

“My job is similar to being a presenter, or an editor of a tech magazine. I research and review all the newest products and trends, and help people work out what to buy. I also get to see lots of products before they launch, and play around with things that’ll never go to market. It’s really hands-on, and I edit and shoot everything myself, too.”

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If you primarily make comedy or art content…

“I’m an artist/entertainer, but my medium is online rather than on the big screen. I make short videos/skits/film myself working for people to enjoy whenever and wherever they want. It’s great because I get feedback from people immediately on what they like and what they find funny/cool straight away, so I can make everything I do really bespoke for them.”

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