Action We Take

In order to maintain the trust and reliability of the reviews on InChief (JRW3 Ltd), we take action against individuals or entities that engage in activities that undermine the integrity of our platform. We have a dedicated team of enforcement agents and investigators, supported by advanced automated technology and data analysis, to detect, investigate, and address such activities.

Fake reviews are a major concern for us. These are reviews that do not genuinely reflect a service or experience with a content creator and are left with the intention to manipulate consumer perception or behaviour. Examples of fake reviews include:

  • Reviews are written by a content creator on their own InChief profile.
  • Reviews that have been paid for in an attempt to manipulate a content creator’s rating on InChief.
  • Reviews left on a competitor’s InChief page in a deliberate effort to undermine their rating on InChief.
  • Advertising or promotional messages disguised as reviews.

We do not tolerate fake reviews on InChief (JRW3 Ltd),. When we identify fake reviews, we promptly remove them and take appropriate action against those responsible.

By actively combating fake reviews and ensuring the authenticity of reviews on our platform, we aim to create a trustworthy environment where users can make informed decisions based on genuine experiences and feedback.

If you come across any suspected fake reviews, we encourage you to flag them for our attention. Your assistance in maintaining the integrity of InChief (JRW3 Ltd), is greatly appreciated.

Unfair review collection 

Any Creator or Brand can use InChief (JRW3 Ltd), for free to invite followers who have had a genuine experience. If you’re asking for reviews, your invitation process and language should be fair, neutral and unbiased. Where we have detected, or have reason to believe, that a Creator isn’t collecting reviews in a fair, neutral or unbiased way, we’ll take action to stop this. 

Examples of unfair collection include: 

Asking a family member, friend, employee or anyone with a conflict of interest to leave a review for your business; Selectively inviting (or “cherry-picking”) Fans and Followers to leave reviews to increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews; Offering Fans and Followers incentives, such as discounts, money-off future purchases, gifts, referral bonuses or any other value in exchange for a review; Pressuring or demanding that Fans and Followers leave a review for you on InChief, or remove or edit their existing review; Asking reviewers to remove or edit their reviews in exchange for a service, discount or any other incentives.

At InChief, we strive for fairness, neutrality, and unbiased review collection. We believe that the reviews on our platform should reflect the genuine experiences and opinions of Fans and Followers. Therefore, we take action when we detect or have reason to believe that a content creator or brand is not collecting reviews in a fair and unbiased manner.

Examples of unfair review collection practices include:

  • Asking family members, friends, employees, or individuals with a conflict of interest to leave reviews for your business.
  • Selectively inviting specific fans and followers to leave reviews in order to increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews (also known as “cherry-picking”).
  • Offering incentives to fans and followers, such as discounts, future purchase discounts, gifts, referral bonuses, or any other form of value, in exchange for a review.
  • Pressuring or demanding fans and followers to leave a review on InChief, or to remove or edit their existing review.
  • Requesting reviewers to remove or edit their reviews in exchange for a service, discount, or any other form of incentive.

If we identify any content creator or brand engaging in unfair review collection practices, we will take appropriate action to address the issue. This may include warning the creator, removing reviews collected unfairly, or even suspending their access to InChief.

By promoting fair and unbiased review collection, we ensure that the reviews on InChief accurately represent the experiences and opinions of genuine fans and followers, providing a reliable source of information for other users

Reported Reviews Any business or user on our site can report or flag a review they think breaches our Guidelines. Users can flag a review by clicking the flag icon displayed on every review on InChief. Brands and creators can report a review via their Business Account on InChief, or if you don’t have a Business Account, by getting in touch with our team at 

Reviews can be reported where they: contain harmful or illegal content; contain personal information; contain advertising or promotional information; are not based on a genuine experience; are about a different Creator (only Creators can report for this reason). Where a review is reported for one of the reporting reasons, and the report is valid, we’ll remove the review because it breaches our Guidelines.

At InChief, we encourage businesses and users to report or flag any reviews they believe violate our guidelines. Reporting a review helps us maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure that the reviews on InChief are reliable and trustworthy.

Here are the reasons for reporting a review:

  • Harmful or illegal content: If a review contains content that is harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, obscene, or violates any laws or regulations, it can be reported.
  • Personal information: Reviews that include personal information, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or any information that can be used to track, identify, contact, or impersonate someone, can be reported.
  • Advertising or promotional information: If a review contains promotional references, marketing material, links, or any content that appears to be an advertisement rather than a genuine review, it can be reported.
  • Not based on a genuine experience: If a review is not based on a genuine experience with the content creator or brand, it can be reported. This includes fake reviews or reviews that are fabricated or misleading.
  • About a different creator: Only creators themselves have the authority to report reviews that are written about a different content creator. If a review is mistakenly written for a different creator, the creator can report it.

To report a review, users can click on the flag icon displayed on every review on InChief. Brands and creators can report a review through their Business Account on InChief. If you don’t have a Business Account, you can contact our team at to report a review.

Once a review is reported for a valid reason, we will review it and, if necessary, remove the review from the platform as it violates our guidelines.

Misuse of Reporting All businesses and users of our site have the ability to report a review that breaches our Guidelines. Occasionally, we see our reporting tools being misused through inconsistent reporting, or unfairly reporting reviews that don’t breach our Guidelines. Examples of misuse of our reporting tools include: Rapidly reporting reviews; which would indicate that the reviews are not being properly considered or assessed; Reporting a large proportion of genuine negative reviews in an effort to get these removed from their profile; Reporting the same review over and over 

At InChief, we take misuse of our reporting tools seriously to ensure a fair and unbiased review platform. Misuse of reporting tools can undermine the integrity of the review system and the trustworthiness of the reviews on InChief. Here are some examples of misuse of reporting tools:

  • Rapidly reporting reviews: Reporting a large number of reviews within a short period of time without proper consideration or assessment may indicate misuse of the reporting feature. This behaviour undermines the fair assessment of reviews.
  • Reporting a large proportion of genuine negative reviews: If a business or user reports a significant number of genuine negative reviews in an attempt to have them removed from their profile, it is considered misuse of the reporting tools. The intention behind reporting should be to address genuine breaches of guidelines, not to selectively remove negative feedback.
  • Repeatedly reporting the same review: Repeatedly reporting the same review multiple times in an effort to have it removed from a profile is misuse of the reporting tools. Each review will be assessed based on its own merits, and repetitive reporting of the same review does not change the outcome.

We encourage all Content Creators and users to report reviews only when they genuinely believe a review violates our guidelines. It is important to use the reporting feature responsibly and in a manner that upholds the fairness and integrity of the review process.

Our team reviews reported reviews to determine their compliance with our guidelines. If a report is found to be misused, we may take appropriate action, including educating the user or business about the proper usage of the reporting tools.

At InChief, we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards and fostering an environment of trust, transparency, and integrity. While we believe in providing an open platform for users to share their genuine experiences, we also recognise the importance of ensuring that the Creators on InChief align with our ethical standards.

We refer to businesses that do not meet our ethical standards as “bad-fit” Creators. These are businesses that can cause harm, do not share our values, and engage in activities that are inconsistent with our core beliefs. We take steps to identify and remove such bad-fit Creators from our platform.

The types of businesses we consider to be bad-fits for InChief include:

  • Creators who manipulate news, reviews, documents, and results.
  • Creators who promote hatred, violence, terrorism, xenophobia, or any form of discrimination against individuals or groups.
  • Creators who offer illegal products and services, including illegal drugs and prescription drugs sold on the illegal market.
  • Creators who provide or facilitate the provision of escort services, mail-order brides, prostitution, forced labor, or human trafficking.
  • Creators who produce explicit or abusive imagery involving children or animals or engage in any form of illegal or sexual exploitation.
  • Creators who organise illegal animal fights or sell products made with endangered animal parts.
  • Creators who facilitate criminal activities, including those carried out through computers or the internet.
  • Creators engaged in financial scams such as pyramid schemes, credit card fraud, mortgage scams, or selling fake or unsafe goods and services.

When a potential bad-fit Creator is reported to us, we thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action if needed. If we determine that a Creator is indeed a bad-fit, we will remove them from InChief to maintain the integrity of our platform.

We encourage users to report any Creators they believe may be a bad-fit for InChief by contacting us at Your assistance helps us ensure that InChief remains a trusted and reliable platform for users to share their experiences.

At InChief (JRW3 Ltd), we provide Creators with the ability to display InChief Designs, such as our logo, stars, and InChief Trust Score, on their websites, social media platforms, and promotional materials. This allows Creators to showcase their commitment to their Fans and Followers and the reviews they have received on InChief.

However, it is important that Creators use InChief Designs in a transparent and accurate manner. If we identify any instances of brand misuse where a Creator is displaying InChief Designs in a misleading or deceptive way, we will take action to address the issue. Examples of brand misuse include:

  • Misleading consumers by displaying an outdated or incorrect InChief or Star Rating.
  • Including up-to-date information alongside InChief Designs that is inconsistent or unrelated to the Creator’s actual rating or reviews on InChief.

By taking action against brand misuse, we ensure that the InChief Designs are used in a manner that maintains trust and transparency between Creators and their Fans and Followers. If you come across any instances of brand misuse, please report it to us so that we can investigate and address the issue accordingly.

At InChief, we provide brands with the option to claim their profiles and edit their profile descriptions to provide relevant and useful information to users. This allows brands to present themselves accurately and transparently to their audience.

However, it is essential that brands use this feature responsibly and adhere to our guidelines. If we identify a brand that is misusing their profile by including deceptive, misleading, illegal, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate information, we will take action to remove the content and prevent further access to the profile.

By taking these steps, we ensure that the information presented on brand profiles is reliable and maintains the integrity of the platform. If you come across a brand profile that you believe is misusing its description, please report it to us so that we can investigate and address the issue accordingly.

When it comes to addressing misbehaviour and misuse within the InChief community, we have measures in place to ensure the integrity of our platform and protect our users. Here are the actions we may take:

  • Warnings: If we detect misbehaviour or misuse, we will issue a warning to the Creator or reviewer involved. The warning will clearly communicate the issue and request that they cease the behaviour. We may also take corrective actions, such as removing identified fake reviews.
  • Account Suspension: In more severe cases or when there is a significant risk to the integrity of our platform, we may suspend the account of the individual responsible for the misconduct. This prevents further misuse and allows us to thoroughly investigate the situation.
  • Account Termination: If the misconduct persists or if the actions are particularly egregious, we reserve the right to terminate the account of the individual involved. This is done to protect the community and maintain the trust and credibility of our platform.

By implementing these measures, we aim to prevent harm, maintain a respectful environment, and uphold the integrity of the InChief community. We encourage all users to report any instances of abuse, aggression, or threats they encounter so that we can take appropriate action

As part of our commitment to maintaining a trustworthy platform, we take various actions to address misbehaviour and breaches of our guidelines. Here are the steps we take:

  • Formal Notice: If a business continues to engage in misbehaviour after receiving a warning, we will send them a formal notice demanding that they cease the behaviour. The notice serves as a clear communication of the issue and emphasises the importance of compliance. If the misconduct persists after the formal notice, we will end our relationship with the business.
  • Recording and Restrictions: If a business has received a formal notice for breaching our guidelines, we record this in our internal systems. They are then restricted from signing up for a paid subscription on InChief until the behaviour causing the breach has stopped. For Creators with a paid subscription, we place restrictions on their account, preventing them from changing plans, upgrading, or renewing their subscription until the breaches have ceased.
  • Termination of Subscription: If a business with a paid subscription continues to breach our guidelines despite a formal notice, we will terminate their subscription. At this point, their account functionality will be downgraded to the bare minimum. They can only respond to and report reviews, as we rely on our community, including Creators, to flag reviews that breach our guidelines. These Creators are also unable to send review invites, display InChief Designs, or use the InChief Trust Score.
  • Consumer Warnings and Alerts: If a Creator breaches our guidelines and does not cease the behaviour causing the breach or continues to undermine the integrity of our platform, we will place a prominent Warning on their Creator profile page. This notification explains the misconduct and raises awareness among consumers. Warnings remain on the profile page for a fixed time and are only removed when all misbehaviour has ceased and a reasonable amount of time has passed. Additionally, we may use Alerts to inform users about significant media attention, scandals, or regulatory investigations involving a Creator.
  • Block Search Engine Data: When a consumer warning is placed on a Creator’s profile page, we also stop sharing any information with search engines regarding that Creator. This includes data like the InChief star rating and review data, which search engines may display in search results. By blocking this data, we prevent misleading or outdated information from being disseminated.

By implementing these measures, we aim to address misbehaviour, protect the integrity of our platform, and provide transparency to our users.

Blocking Reviewer accounts:

Where a reviewer repeatedly breaches our Guidelines for Reviewers, such as posting fake or harmful reviews or threatening Creators in any way, we’ll suspend or block access to their InChief profile. Further action Depending on the nature and severity of the misuse and behaviour causing us to take action, and the risk to our community, we may also take the following action(s) to prevent harm to consumers and trust in our platform: Legal action, including court proceedings; Sharing information with law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies or the media to raise awareness; Sharing information with third parties, where it is reasonable and proportionate to do so.

When a reviewer repeatedly violates our Guidelines for Reviewers by posting fake or harmful reviews or engaging in threatening behaviour towards Creators, we take the following actions:

Suspension or Blocking: 

We will suspend or block access to their InChief profile. This prevents the reviewer from continuing to misuse the platform and protects the integrity of the review system.

In addition to suspending or blocking reviewer accounts, depending on the severity and nature of the misconduct, as well as the risk it poses to our community, we may also take the following actions:

  • Legal Action: In cases where the misuse or behaviour is serious and warrants legal intervention, we may initiate legal proceedings against the individual responsible. This helps us uphold our guidelines and protect the rights of our community members.
  • Sharing Information: To raise awareness and prevent harm, we may share relevant information with law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, or the media. This is done when it is reasonable and proportionate to do so, and helps ensure that appropriate action is taken against those who have breached our guidelines.
  • Sharing Information with Third Parties: In certain cases, we may share information with third parties if it is necessary and justified. This can include sharing information with relevant organisations or entities that can assist in addressing the misconduct or protecting the interests of our community.

By taking these actions, we aim to safeguard the trust and well-being of our community members, maintain the integrity of our platform, and discourage misuse and harmful behaviour.