Guidelines For Use

InChief is dedicated to empowering individuals and enhancing the world we live in. We achieve this by providing a robust review platform that is accessible to all, enabling the sharing and exploration of experiences, as well as facilitating connections with Content Creators to support their growth, authenticity, and the establishment of trust.

To maintain InChief as a collaborative and reliable community where everyone can derive value, we kindly request that you adhere to these guidelines (in conjunction with our Terms of Use). Your cooperation plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive experience for all. We appreciate your participation and together, let’s elevate the world of creators!

When to Write a Review (UK):

You are encouraged to write a review if you have genuinely and recently interacted with a Content Creator, and if you are a sincere fan or follower of their work. It is important to note that you should not write a review if you have been offered any form of incentive by a company to do so. Incentives include discounts, monetary rewards, loyalty points, gifts, coupons, and referral bonuses. Such incentives undermine the integrity of reviews. If you do receive an incentive, please report it to us at

Reviews provide you with an opportunity to share your experiences and provide feedback to creators. We believe that all experiences, regardless of their scale, are worth reviewing. This includes quick interactions such as liking a piece of content or leaving a comment. However, if you have purchased a product or downloaded an app based on the influence of a particular creator, we are particularly interested in hearing about that experience. Please ensure that your review focuses primarily on the Creator. Revealing excessive personal information in your review is not what users on the platform are seeking. By sharing your recent experiences, you enable other readers to gain insights into the content creator and decide whether to follow and trust them based on your review. Brands also benefit from receiving valuable and current feedback.

Don’t Write a Fake or Biased Review (UK):

It is important to refrain from fabricating an experience or writing a review on behalf of someone else. Allow individuals to share their own reviews in their own words. Additionally, if you have a close association with, work for, or are in direct competition with a particular content creator, it is not appropriate for you to review their work.

Receiving incentives to write, alter, or delete a review is strictly prohibited. Engaging in such activities can result in a ban from our platform. It is advisable to retain any documentation that demonstrates your interaction with the creator, such as comment exchanges, direct messages, or screenshots of products you have purchased due to the creator’s influence. This documentation may be requested to verify your experience.

Be Kind:

We expect all users to contribute to our platform with respect and kindness. Avoid posting harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene content. Engaging in activities such as lying, bullying, blackmailing, making threats, or any form of illegal behaviour is strictly prohibited.

Understanding Defamation:

As a platform that facilitates communication between Fans & Followers and Creators, we have a responsibility to balance competing interests. While we encourage individuals to share their stories, we are also required to remove words and statements that unfairly cause significant harm to someone’s reputation or result in substantial financial loss for a business.

The most impactful reviews provide a clear account of the events and allow readers to draw their own conclusions.
Please note that we do not mediate or involve ourselves in disputes regarding the specifics of interactions between reviewers and creators. InChief serves as a consumer review platform and does not function as a regulatory authority or a court of law.

Promotional Content:

When writing reviews, it’s important to keep them focused and relevant. Avoid including any promotional references, marketing materials, or links. Our platform is not intended for selling products, offering discount codes, forming action groups, or seeking romantic connections.

Respecting Privacy:

Remember that your reviews are public, so it’s crucial to protect sensitive or personal information. Avoid including your own or someone else’s names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or any other details that could be used to track, identify, contact, or impersonate individuals. We prioritize privacy and safety for everyone involved.

Reviewing the Correct Profile:

Before posting a review, take a moment to carefully check the creator’s link or social profile you’re reviewing. Mistakes can happen, such as leaving a review intended for one creator on another creator’s profile. Be cautious of individuals pretending to be someone they’re not on social media platforms. Double-checking these details will help prevent potential issues later on.

User Account Guidelines:

To post a review, you’ll need a user account. Each person is allowed only one account, and it must represent a real individual. Your username, profile description, and picture should accurately reflect your own identity—please avoid impersonating others. Additionally, ensure that your account content is not harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory, or obscene since your profile is visible to everyone. Creating multiple accounts or including inappropriate content may result in the deletion of your account(s).

Your user account should be linked to a valid and permanent email address so that we can contact you if necessary. In some cases, your account may be automatically created and pre-filled with your name, such as when you click on an email invitation link from a creator or sign up via Facebook. You always have the option to edit your details and display only the information you wish to share publicly.

Edit or delete your review Your review is owned by you. That means you can edit, update or delete your review at any time. You’re encouraged to update an existing review if you want to add more information about a particular experience. And while it’s fine to write more than one review for a business if you’ve had more than one experience, please don’t bombard a Creator with lots of reviews (even if you are their number one Fan or Follower), because that’s not helpful for anyone. Everyone can flag reviews We love it when you help us protect our platform by letting us know about problematic reviews — especially if you’ve got proof. Only flag a review if you genuinely believe there’s a problem, and please be fair and consistent. We’ll check flagged reviews to see if they breach our guidelines. And if they do, we’ll take action. Hard NO We’re all for freedom of expression, but some content just won’t be allowed on the platform. If someone flags your review for breaking our rules, we may temporarily hide it and ask you to make some changes. We’ll give you the opportunity to bring genuine reviews within our guidelines so they can stay on InChief. But if you seriously misuse our platform we can remove your reviews and/or block or delete your account. If your account is deleted, your reviews will also be deleted. In addition, our super cool software is constantly on the lookout for suspicious and fake reviews and will remove them. The final say These guidelines are just that: guiding principles. Please understand that we have the final say with regard to the interpretation and application of these guidelines, and we can update them at any time. If you’d like more detailed information about how we work, you’re welcome to email

Editing or Deleting Reviews:

As the owner of your review, you have the flexibility to edit, update, or delete it whenever you wish. Feel free to make changes or additions to your review if you want to provide more information about a specific experience. While it’s acceptable to write multiple reviews for a content creator if you’ve had multiple experiences, please avoid bombarding them with excessive reviews as it may not be helpful for anyone involved.

Flagging Reviews:

We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the integrity of our platform. If you come across problematic reviews, we encourage you to flag them, especially if you have supporting evidence. Please flag a review only if you genuinely believe it violates our guidelines, and strive to be fair and consistent in your assessments.

Review Evaluation and Action:

Flagged reviews undergo a review process to determine if they breach our guidelines. If a flagged review is found to be in violation, appropriate action will be taken.

Enforcement of Rules:

While we value freedom of expression, there are certain types of content that are not allowed on our platform. If your review is flagged for violating our rules, we may temporarily hide it and request revisions to align with our guidelines. We offer you an opportunity to bring genuine reviews within our guidelines to keep them on InChief.

Misuse of Platform:

Serious misuse of our platform can lead to the removal of your reviews, as well as the blocking or deletion of your account. If your account is deleted, your reviews will also be deleted. Our advanced software actively identifies and removes suspicious and fake reviews.

Final Authority:

These guidelines serve as guiding principles. Please note that we hold the final authority in interpreting and applying these guidelines, and we reserve the right to update them as needed. For more detailed information about our operations, feel free to reach out to us via email at