5 tips that will help you build on-camera confidence

how to be confident on camera

Having an online career is tricky, isn’t it. Your content, words and visuals resonate so well with your audience that if you actually put your own face on camera, that particular content tends to perform even better than the non-face-featuring kind. Of course, you by no means have to put your face on the internet at ALL, and plenty of people run hugely successful accounts where they remain ‘visually anonymous’ and let their words do the work for them. But, if you do want to feature yourself onscreen it can be hard to get everything together and deliver a confident vlog or recording without flapping and flailing – especially at the beginning of your video journey.

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Anyway. Pelpina Trip is a professional smartphone video strategist and trainer – she’s even written a book about how to nail social video, so she clearly really knows her stuff. Here, she gives InChief members five tips to help build confidence on camera.

Hopefully these tips help you feel good when you’re speaking to the camera, but it’s important to reiterate that you absolutely do not need to show your face online at ALL if you don’t feel confident in doing so. If you are ready to put yourself online, make sure you’re super careful with what you give to your audience: never reveal your address or anything that people could use to reasonably work out where you live, work or study. Plenty of content creators have successful careers and never reveal their face at all, so it’s totally up to you if you do want to be onscreen or not.