Stephen Fry and TikTok launch educational content in new ‘Learn’ feed on the platform


TikTok’s piling more money into educational content on the platform, from life hacks to science tutorials, motivational tips and quick recipes.

TikTok is today unveiling its first campaign dedicated to pushing out the educational content on the platform. Since #LearnOnTikTok was launched in June 2020, the content’s already had a whopping 36 billion views, and encouraged over 800 educational creators to sign up and join the app. It’s all backed by a €13M Europe-wide fund. Nice.

You’ll see the campaign running across TV channels, outdoor advertising (when you get out for your sanctioned exercise…) and of course on TikTok itself. Soothing and wise legend Stephen Fry is voicing the campaign, which will show off incredible content from creators teaching you anything from beauty tutorials, clothes upcycling, maths, science, and @takeongravity who explores the physics behind aeronautics:

Psychologist Dr Julie Smith giving us some #realtalk about our minds:

Or Laura Capon from Cosmopolitan demonstrating a proven morning skincare routine:

You’ll notice that TikTok is also trialling a ‘Learn’ feed now, which will sit alongside the For You Page and the Following feeds in the app.

Here’s the explainer video and Stephen Fry’s lovely tones:

Rich Waterworth, General Manager of TikTok UK, said: “We announced LearnOnTikTok in June 2020 and the response from our community has been incredible. In just a matter of months TikTok has evolved dramatically into a place that nurtures and grows a diverse range of educational creators and learning content, from bitesize cooking tutorials to sign language demos and sporting tricks to lessons in astrophysics. 

“TikTok is no longer a platform you go to just for entertainment, it’s a place to learn something new, acquire new skills, be inspired to do something you’ve never done before or connect with others over a new interest. Our new ‘A-Z of TikTok’ brand campaign is a celebration of the breath of creative and entertaining educational content that’s unique to TikTok.”

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