5 of the most original fashion creators on Instagram

Billi Bhati and Kristabel fashion influencers

These posts go way beyond the #OOTD

If you’re hoping to make a splash in the fashion world, make sure you’re keeping yourself up to speed to all the latest industry happenings. Aside from just fashion brands, there’s a whole host of creators, models and photographers with a unique perspective you need to be checking out. Fashion brands are great to follow to give you an idea of their aesthetic, but these creatives are impartial and unbiased and will help inspire you, and give you a flavour of what’s happening in the industry as a whole. 

1. Rosalind Jana (@rosalindjana)

Model, poet and writer (she’s quite the multi-hyphenate) Rosalind Jana has a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion. She’s got a great eye for vintage, and thrifts a lot of her wardrobe from charity stores and car boot sales, and is a great advocate for pre-loved fashion. You won’t find any H&M or Zara on her feed; she’s anti-fast fashion, but makes sustainable shopping easy by providing helpful tips for thrifting, and she’s really open about the challenges of avoiding sweatshop labour as a consumer. She’s also a brilliant fashion writer, so definitely one to follow to broaden your horizons.

2. Daisy Murray (@daisy___murray)

A staffer at ELLE, Daisy is another vintage fan who runs her own second fashion shop. She rocks a mixture of vintage designer, her grandma’s clothes, eBay finds and the odd new piece from sustainable labels, and mixes it all with aplomb. She’s all about investment buys and slow fashion, and she has an eclectic style to match it. If you’re a fan of Molly Goddard, Ganni and vintage Prada, you’ll love Daisy’s looks.

3. Kristabel Plummer (@iamkristabel)

Kristabel has a love of colour, and boy, does she make it her own. Expect bold prints, bright shades, and basically, to stop wanting to wear black, ever. Kristabel describes herself as “mid-size”, pointing out that she’s not technically plus size, but also doesn’t fit into designer sample sizes either. She’s open, honest and bubbly, advocating for high street and high end alike. She’s also a big fan of shopping small, promoting homegrown businesses and labels and the people behind them. 

4. Billie Bhatia (@billie_bhatia)

Billie works at Stylist Magazine so she gets backstage at all the Fashion Week events and knows every designer worth their salt, but it’s her personal style that makes her Instagram well worth following. She’s super open and candid about the challenges of shopping while plus size, and has a unique, gothic yet glamorous style that’s totally inimitable. She loves ruffles, prints and a good high neck jumper, and also has some beautiful vintage-inspired jewellery. Definitely one to follow!

5. Katherine Ormerod (@katherine_ormerod)

Writer, speaker and fashion editor Katherine has an eclectic style and a really great fringe. She loves layering and neutrals as much as a frilly high-neck show stopper, and her warm personality shines through all of her posts. She’s also got a very cute baby named Grey who makes the occasional appearance, FYI. Blending tips for being a working mother along with #OOTD posts, Katherine also shares lots of helpful tips on how to healthily enjoy social media and protect your mental health.

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