4 of 2020’s most unique travel creators who deserve your attention

Damon and Jo, Oneika, OnegrloneWorld and unique travel creators

No photographs of sedated lions in Bali will feature in this post

A lot of travel creators are interchangeable, let’s be honest, and as the digital content landscape becomes busier and more creators try to get paid to travel the world, it can be hard to stand out in a crowded market. These travel creators are all doing something different, and go beyond just posting beautiful pictures.

1. Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo make content on YouTube and Instagram, where their friendly banter, adventurous spirit and excellent memes reign supreme. They do a great job of fusing buddy comedy with travel tips and inspiration. Think the most fun road trip you could ever imagine, and times it by twenty.

2. Francesca Murray

Francesca runs her content under the username One Girl, One World (onegrloneworld). She hails from California, but has a love of world cuisines and languages, and her cheerful personality makes her content a joy to watch. She shares lots of solo travel tips, as well as playlists to get you in the wanderlust mood.  

3. Oneika Traveller

Oneika Raymond also does TV work, and as you’d expect, has an excellent presenting style. Warm and approachable, her content covers both local and global travel, and she loves to fully immerse herself in new cultures when she travels abroad. She also shares snippets from her life, like tips on making long-distance relationships work and how travel isn’t a panacea for anything wrong in your life. Her openness and honesty has won her legions of loyal fans.

4. Raya Was Here

Part of a new generation of creators, Raya has travelled the world over and brought her audience along every step of the way. She’s got a great eye for colour and composition, making for serious #GridGoals, but it’s her love of sustainability that sets her apart. She’s a big advocate for cleaner, greener travel and is open with her audience about the challenges of this.

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