5 tips for TikTok growth from a video marketing specialist

How to grow on TikTok

TikTok is a platform like no other: you can grow after posting just one piece of excellent content, regardless of how many followers or previous posts you may have. Pelpina Trip is a video expert and author of Video Smart: The Complete Guide to Smartphone Video, so she knows a thing or two about videos that make an impact.

Here she shares with InChief her 5 most essential things to remember if you’re making TikTok videos:

TikTok is ALL about talent and creativity, it really doesn’t matter about how many followers you have, likes you have, and what kind of impressive equipment you’ve bought. Hashtagging your content can lead to you having thousands or even millions of views on one piece of content, even if you have zero followers.

TikTok’s Batch Theory

As we know, all algorithm prioritise content that will keep viewers on their platform and interacting with and sharing content. When your video is published, the TikTok robots are said to pay close attention to what happens to it: is it watched entirely? Is it shared or engaged with? Depending on what happens in the first few hours of your video’s life will have an impact on how TikTok handles it going forward, and which ‘batch’ of videos yours gets added to. Initially it will have been shown to a small batch of users, and if the engagement is good then TikTok will show the video to a bigger batch of users and so on.

TikTok themselves told InChief: “Each TikTok user will have a completely unique experience based on their personal content preferences. What makes ‘For You’ unique is that it is based on a content graph not a social graph, so the videos you are served are entirely based on the content you like rather than the people you follow! Any creator has the power to go viral, without a single follower.”

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