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Terms of Use for Creators

July 2023 – (Version 1.0)

InChief (JRW3 Ltd) is an inclusive online review platform that unites Followers with Content Creators to promote trust and foster collaboration. It is freely accessible to everyone and operates with transparency.

When we mention “our platform,” we are referring to our review platform hosted at (JRW3 Ltd), including any sub-domain, sub-directory, similar platform, website, or mobile app provided by us.

Before utilising our platform, we kindly request that you review these terms of use (referred to as the “Terms” henceforth) to comprehend our expectations from you, as well as what you can anticipate from us. These terms encompass the following policies, guidelines, and rules, which are applicable to your platform usage:

Our Privacy Policy elucidates the data collection process when you use our platform and its subsequent handling (for further details below).

Our Guidelines for Reviewers outline the appropriate usage of our platform (for additional information, see section 5 below).
Our policies, operating rules, and codes are published on InChief (JRW3 Ltd) .com (referred to as “policies”) (see section 5 below for further details).

Whether you are using InChief (JRW3 Ltd) to explore and search for Content Creators or reviews, or if you intend to submit a review yourself, it is necessary to accept these terms to clearly understand your legal rights and obligations. Your access to and usage of our platform is contingent upon your agreement to these terms at all times. Therefore, if you disagree or cannot comply with these terms, you must refrain from accessing or using our platform. To clarify, these terms govern your utilisation of our platform in any manner.

By engaging in one or more of the following actions, you indicate your agreement to these terms: (a) Browsing, accessing, searching, writing a review, or otherwise utilising our platform. (b) Clicking on a box or button, or providing any form of affirmative confirmation indicating your agreement to these terms (c) submitting your email address on a review you have been sent. 

Please note that words or phrases defined within “quotation marks” possess the same meaning whenever mentioned in these terms.
Joining and using InChief (JRW3 Ltd) : We will now explain how to access and utilise our platform.

You and InChief (JRW3 Ltd): 

When we refer to “you” or “your,” we are addressing the individual who browses, accesses, searches, writes a review, creates a profile or engages in any form of platform usage. When we mention “InChief (JRW3 Ltd),” “we,” “our,” or “us,” we are referring to the specific InChief (JRW3 Ltd) entity with which you enter into a contractual agreement under these terms, depending on your location while accessing our platform.

Please refer to the “Our contracting entities and governing law” section of these terms for further information regarding the InChief (JRW3 Ltd) entity you are contracting with.

Third-party products and services: 

On our platform, we may employ, present, and/or link to third-party technology, products, and/or services. We neither endorse nor guarantee any such third-party technology, products, or services nor do we assume any responsibility for them. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee compatibility between our platform and your browser, network, or computer setup.

Content Creator account: 

In order to gather reviews, comment on, like or flag a review and/or take an action on our platform (except browsing), you must first create a user account. You are only permitted to create one user account. Your user account is personal to you and must not be transferred to anyone else. In order to create a user account you will need to sign in to the platform, using your email address and the verification email which we will send to you. Sometimes your account will be automatically created and pre-filled with your name. For example, if someone creates a profile of you, for the purpose of leaving you a review. 

Furthermore, you must select a username that will be publicly displayed on the platform whenever you write a review, comment on a review, or contribute user-generated content, including reviews, images, or other content created by you on the platform. Your username serves as your identification for others. It’s important to be mindful that using your real name as your username may reveal your identity. 

Leaving a review: 

To engage in activities such as leaving reviews, commenting on, liking, or flagging reviews, and performing other actions on our platform (excluding browsing), it is necessary to provide your email address. Please note that only one review can be left per content creator. 

To create a review, you will have to verify your email address before your review goes live. You agree to supply your email address to InChief (JRW3 Ltd) and that InChief (JRW3 Ltd) can keep that data for the purposes of ensuring that you are a genuine reviewer and a real person leaving a review. 

You also agree that we can use your email address to send you updates on InChief that you may be interested in. 

Your chosen username should not include the following:

Anything harmful, rude, discriminatory, illegal or obscene. The term Guest or admin or .com or etc. Anything that belongs to someone else or a famous person’s name other than your own.

Please ensure that your username adheres to these guidelines to maintain a respectful and secure platform environment.
You bear full responsibility for controlling access to and usage of your user account. For instance, it is important not to permit any other individual to access or utilise your user account and refrain from sharing your login credentials, including your email address and verification code, with anyone else. Should you suspect any unauthorised use or theft of your user account login details, please inform us immediately by contacting us at (JRW3 Ltd).

You commit to maintaining the accuracy and completeness of all information associated with your user account, including your email address. The username you pick on registration, should be the name you are know for on socials. Once you register with that user you name you will no longer be permitted to change that username. If you wish to change your username, you will have to contact to get your username changed. 

All activity related to your user account, such as reviews, comments, and user-generated content, is your responsibility.

Verified profiles:

You have the option to verify your profile by following the simple and straightforward steps on our platform. To get your account  verified you will need to select a photo ID, capture an image of the chosen ID, and or take a selfie at the point of registration. Rest assured that we handle your information securely and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you wish to get your profile verified please contact 

Your primary responsibilities encompass adhering to the following obligations when utilising our platform:

You must use our platform strictly in accordance with these terms, our Guidelines for Reviewers, and our policies.
You must be at least 18 years old.

Undermining the security or integrity of our platform is strictly prohibited.

You must not employ our platform in a manner that impairs its functionality or disrupts the experience of other users.

Uploading or introducing any content to our platform that contains viruses or other harmful code is not permitted.

It is prohibited to write, submit, or engage in the procurement of fabricated reviews. By “fake reviews,” we refer to reviews that do not reflect genuine experiences or services provided by creators. Additionally, reviews intended to manipulate consumer perception or negatively target specific Content Creators or Social media channels owned by brands are strictly prohibited.

Engaging in misleading, offensive, unlawful activities, infringing upon the rights of others, or violating our Guidelines for Reviewers and policies is strictly prohibited.

Modifying, copying, adapting, reproducing, disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, or extracting the source code of any part of our platform is not permitted.

Any form of abusive or disrespectful behaviour towards InChief (JRW3 Ltd) employees, partners, customers, or other platform users is strictly prohibited. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for abuse or bullying directed at our InChief (JRW3 Ltd) employees, including interactions with our support teams.

Writing reviews of a promotional nature and/or utilising our platform for marketing purposes, including self-promotion or promotion of services, products, and businesses, is not allowed.

Using our platform for developing or providing any service or functionality that competes with our platform is prohibited.

Our Guidelines for Reviewers and Policies: 

When accessing or using our platform, you must adhere to and abide by our Guidelines for Reviewers and our policies. We reserve the right to update and modify our Guidelines for Reviewers and Policies at any time without prior notice, and any such changes will immediately apply to you without requiring further acceptance, confirmation, or action on your part.

Ownership by InChief (JRW3 Ltd): 

With the exception of content owned by others, such as reviews on our platform, we retain ownership of all content on our platform. This includes all rights pertaining to the design, compilation, appearance, and overall feel of our platform, including logos, graphics, and trademarks (referred to as “our brand”). You agree not to copy, distribute, modify, or use any of our platform’s content or brand in any manner not expressly authorised by us. Therefore, you are prohibited from utilising our brand or any other content on our platform, including InChief (JRW3 Ltd) Trust Scores and reviews submitted by other users, unless explicitly authorised by us.

Ownership by You: 

You are the rightful owner and assume responsibility for any user-generated content you submit to or transmit through our platform. You also warrant that you possess all necessary permissions to create and/or use such user-generated companies or individuals, including our customers, for various purposes such as syndication, distribution, promotion, or publication. Additionally, you authorise us to take legal action against anyone who utilises your user-generated content without obtaining prior permission from you and/or InChief (JRW3 Ltd) , including the right to pursue copyright infringement claims in accordance with section 101A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, if applicable.

Feedback: We highly appreciate receiving feedback, ideas, and suggestions from you regarding our platform (referred to as “feedback”). Any feedback you provide content available to others, and learn about the featured Content Creators, acting as an online intermediary. When we can be used, quoted, and referred to at our discretion without any restrictions or payment to you. This means that if you offer any written content or feedback to us, we have the freedom to utilise, quote, and reference that content or feedback as we deem appropriate.

Troubleshooting and Support: 

If you encounter any issues, our FAQ’s provides support articles that should assist you in most situations. In the event that you have consulted our FAQ’s but still require further assistance, our support team is available to provide online support for our platform. You can contact them by reaching out to


We value your utilisation of our platform to share, explore, and list content. Unless your user-generated content is removed by us due to a violation of our Guidelines for Reviewers or removed by yourself, it will remain publicly displayed on our platform and any relevant third-party services and networks (e.g., Google) indefinitely.

InChief’s (JRW3 Ltd) Rights to Use Your User-Generated Content: 

By creating, submitting, posting, or displaying user-generated content on our platform, you grant us a worldwide, unrestricted, and non-payment-requiring license to use, modify, publish, and display such user-generated content in any manner we see fit. This license also allows us to make your user-generated using our platform, it is essential that you solely provide genuine and unbiased reviews and user-generated content that aligns with our Guidelines for Reviewers at all times.

Personal data: 

The personal data we collect regarding your usage of our platform will be handled by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy, explaining the data we collect and its handling.

Maintaining confidentiality: 

While using our platform, you may share confidential information with us, and you may become aware of confidential information about us. We mutually agree to take reasonable measures to safeguard each other’s confidential information from unauthorised access by individuals, entities, or third parties, except when shared with our affiliates or when providing non-confidential feedback.

Our rights: 

We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend your access to your user account or filter user-generated content if you violate or pose a threat to these terms, our Guidelines for Reviewers, or our policies.

Your rights: 

You have the option to delete your user account at any time, resulting in the removal of your ability to leave reviews on our platform, along with the deletion of all your reviews.

Disclaimer and liability: 

These sections delineate responsibility and liability between us and you. We encourage you to thoroughly read and comprehend these sections as they outline our liability for foreseeable loss and damage caused directly by us, limiting our aggregate liability to £1.00 (one British pound sterling).

Platform availability: 

We cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the platform. The platform is provided on an “as is” basis, without any warranties.

Dispute Resolution: 

Most concerns can be satisfactorily resolved by contacting us through (JRW3 Ltd). In the event that the issue remains unresolved, both parties agree to bring claims only in the jurisdiction specified in the “Our contracting entities and governing law” of these terms.

Changes to these terms: 

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms without prior notice. It is your responsibility to regularly review, understand, and agree to the most recent version of these terms as they will immediately apply to you.

Changes to our platform

We may update, modify, or temporarily restrict the availability of our platform, in whole or in part, for business or operational reasons without prior notice.

Events beyond our control: 

We make every effort to control what is within our reach. However, we are not liable for any failure or delay in fulfilling our obligations under these terms arising from events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Contacting us: 

If you need to reach us, please contact our support team through (JRW3 Ltd).


While we may provide certain materials in another language, all other communications and notices under these terms must be in English. In the event of any translated versions of these terms, the English language version will take precedence, and we assume no responsibility or liability for the content or accuracy of translated versions.

Enforcement of terms: 

If any part of these terms is legally unenforceable for either party, that particular part will be disregarded, while the remainder of the terms will remain enforceable.


Words such as ‘include,’ ‘like,’ and ‘for example’ do not impose limitations, and the use of discretion refers to our sole discretion.

Our contracting entities and governing law: 

These terms, any disputes or claims arising from them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales Jurisdiction: Courts of England and Wales
InChief (JRW3 Ltd) Address: Oakways House, 23 The Meadway, Chelsfield, BR6 6HH
Governing Law: England and Wales Jurisdiction: Courts of England and Wales