Frequently Asked Questions


You can only claim a F.I.T.T.Y Index profile if you have correctly entered a password to one of the social accounts associated with your username. It could be that your password has been compromised. If that is the case, we recommend you change your passwords on your social accounts. Once you change the password on your compromised social media account, you will then be free to come and claim your InChief profile directly on our site

Everyone can have a 1 month free trial to InChief. In that month you are able to track your progress of your F.I.T.T.Y Index and see how your socials are performing. You can also choose to switch off your profile to brands so they can’t contact you within the setup. You can change this setting at any time in your personal settings.


If you have an idea for an article or would like to be published on InChief please email with the subject “By-Line”. We always look at the Challenges that people do and if you impress us, we might also contact you directly. So, taking part in Challenges is key to show off your talent

We publish new challenges for you to take part in on your social media accounts. If you click on the “challenges” tab on the main website (link) then you will be able to see the list of the latest challenges you can take part in. Please pay special attention to the rules of the challenge, because if you don’t tag the challenge correctly, we will not be able to see your entry

Data and profiles

Your social data plugged into your own personal F.I.T.T.Y Index is taken from your live Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube data. If the data looks incorrect then we suggest you try a number of things.

1. Our system crawls profiles for updates during various intervals throughout the day. The process of syncing information can take some time so check back within a few hours to see if it has updated.

2. If your account hasn’t been updated for over a day make sure your accounts are still sync’d to InChief. To do this head over to the settings page in your account and click connect besides the social media icons that are linked to your account. 

If you have done this and there still looks like something is incorrect,

3. The let us know about it. You can do that by filling out a form on our “Contact Us” page

Just flick the switch in the settings of your profile. Where is says, public or private, flick it to private.

The view you see of your F.I.T.T.Y Index is personal to you, everyone else can only see a public summary version of your F.I.T.T.Y Index. If you click on someone else’s profile, you will see what we mean. You can only see a snapshot.

The data in your F.I.T.T.Y Index only contains a merger of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube data. This is publicly available data on your followers and reach on your social channels (if you have all five). When you verify your account and enter your passwords for your social media profiles, can collect richer information on your audience and other data that can enhance your F.I.T.T.Y Index. If you don’t have a social presence on all five social media channels then you might see blank data. This will change if you start to add in social media channels to your profile.

You can see user profiles by clicking their name. When you hover over a name, you will be able to see it underlined, which means you can click on their profile.

To change your name on your profile, log in, then go to “Settings” (You can find this on the top right hand dropdown menu) and click “Personal Information”
Once you are here, you can see your name under “Account Information” and change accordingly.


After your 1 month free trial you will roll into a monthly or annual subscription, depending on which option you chose on sign up. This payment will happen automatically and is subject to our membership T&Cs which are available here . You will be asked to agree to these T&Cs before you proceed with your free trial.

You can cancel your membership at any time in your personal settings. InChief will then not take the next payment owed to us but your service will continue up until the date of your next billing (either monthly or annually). You will be able to access the content and your F.I.T.T.Y Index until your membership end date.

You can’t delete your account from InChief, but you can choose to not make it public by going into the settings section in your profile once you have claimed the profile. This will not make it visible to the public.

No, you won’t be charged if you cancel in your trial period. You can cancel by visiting your settings and clicking on billing. 

Got a question that’s not listed? Go to our contact us page and ask us directly.