Frequently Asked Questions

At InChief we believe that Content Creators deserve a rigorous, robust and transparent set of metrics, a serious tool for this sector, not just a quick look at engagement and followers. Content is more than that and its power needs recognition.

At InChief we measure.

1. The number of reviews you have from your genuine Followers.
2. The quality of your content
3. Your advocacy – your ability to sell products, services, downloads or even your bath water (Belle Delphine rules apply here). 
4. Your professionalism – How professional you are to work with brands. Is your content on time and on brief? and requires no one to step in to save the day.
5. Authenticity – are you really using these products all the time to get great results?

We measure these things in isolation and then bring them together into an InChief Trust Score.

Who is in the best seat to help us build this score? Well, your Followers. They know you more than anyone so now is the time to gather reviews and get a holistic view of what they really think and how you compare to this new way of measuring content trust.

There are two ways that you can get reviews

1. Content creators can join the platform and set up their profiles. They are provided with a unique link that they can then share with their followers

  • This link takes them to a set of questions that we use to pull together the InChief Trust Score
  • The more you share the link, the more reviews you get if your review count is high then that all contributes to your overall score.
  • You can also apply for achievement badges, while you wait for your reviews to come in. The more achievements you get the higher your score will become

2. Anyone can leave a review on your profile but just clicking the “Leave a review” button on your profile.

  • They get taken to the same set of questions that are asked behind your unique link

You can find your unique link in the setting section of your profile. If you have registered all you need to do is log in and click on the INVITE header. You can always head back to that link at any time to get your link and keep sharing it.

We would recommend that you share your unique link with everyone. Not just pick followers that you know will give you a good review. We are keen to gather a holistic view of your social media so ideas on where to share are 


  1. In your DMs on socials 
  2. Create a post or an Instagram story with a link sticker to get your followers to say nice things about you 
  3. If you have the email addresses of any of your Fans and Followers you can send them your link in an email 
  4. You can also share the link on WhatsApp. 
  5. We always recommend that you include the link in your Link In Bio on socials too.

To get your account verified on InChief we will need you to prove that you are who you say you are. We will therefore request one of 2 things

1. You send us photo identification for us to verify your account and switch you to a verified user
2. We will arrange a video call with you

Apply for verification by emailing with the subject “Account Verification”. 

Following a review, we will switch the account to verified if you have provided all the information we need.

While you wait for your reviews to come in we you can start building your InChief Trust Score in other ways. 

You can click on the achievements tab and choose any one of the achievements you would like to apply for. 

Each one has a different set of criteria so follow the instructions provided next to each badge when you apply. 

You may need to send us documentation to earn the achievement which you can send to us via the platform 

Your score goes up with the more positive reviews you receive and the more achievements you apply for and gets accepted to. 

So keep nailing it with your content and keep sharing your link with as many people as possible and your score goes up and up. 

Unfortunately, you can’t remove negative reviews unless they break our community guidelines which you can read about here

However, we recommend that you respond to all of your reviews

We recommend that you share your unique link with as many people and in as many places as possible to get more reviews. You can visit our brand centre to download our logo to include in your reach-out comms.

If you suspect that one of your reviews isn’t genuinely from one of your Fans and Follows you can let us know by flagging the post. We will investigate if the post is genuine and follow up with you about what we find 

You can flag the review by clicking on the flag icon within the review.

You can answer reviews in your dashboard.

Once you log into InChief you will be served your dashboard.

You can find a Creator with a trust score in our Directory.

Got a question that’s not listed?
Go to our contact us page and ask us directly.